I haven’t been posting for awhile/my cardinals

21 Mar



Hi All,

If you follow my posts you are probably wondering why I have not not been writing lately.

Lots of family health problems, and my daughter’s two cats being sick, have kept me from feeling up to sitting down to write.

I have a condition called a carotid body tumor in the right side of my neck.  It is a tumor that grows between two branches of the carotid artery.  It has gotten big enough to impinge on the artery and affect my sight and balance in a negative way.  So I have lots of doctors’ appointments and imaging to go through as a very complex surgery is mapped out.

I sometimes I find it hard to read because my eyes get very tired.  And more often now, the words I want to write are not the ones that show up on the screen.  I have to do a lot of editing.  I do follow the blogs I love, and Twitter, but I’ll probably do less of that over the next few weeks.  I’ll try to keep you informed about my progress as I can.

I could sure use some prayers and best wishes.

Also, if anyone knows of an Otolaryngologist who specializes in Carotid body Tumors, would you please pass along the name and contact information?  It would be greatly appreciated since there are so few out there who have experience with this condition.


On a brighter note, it snowed here in New York yesterday, leaving the trees, shrubs and telephone wires covered in a beautiful white layer of cold fluff!  This morning I looked out to see the female cardinal I watch sitting on the wire leading from the pole to my house.  She stood out so well against the snow.  I looked for her mate and found him in his favorite shrub keeping an eye out for anyone who would disturb them.  She is such a beautiful green/yellow/brown/red combination.  He is a regal bright red.  He could not be missed against the snow.  

I’ve mentioned in the past that I hope the cardinal pair will nest in my yard so that I can see the babies.  Spring is here; so it won’t be long until the babies arrive.  I’ll let you all know if I see them. 🙂


Love and Namaste!


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