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I Walk the Sky


I walk the sky, feet on the Earth,

head in the clouds.

My hair reaches out to the sun,

singing and dancing,

laughing to catch the

ebullient rays of its sizzling–

sun beaming down on my head–

caressing, teasing, warming, pleasing.

I walk the sky, feet on the sidewalk,

head in the galaxies–which

sail in an ear and weave and bob

and jump and stomp, twirling,

through my brain,

leaving sparkling newborn

molecules, that light the space,

then silently, swiftly

pass through the other ear.

I walk the sky, thoughts on the universes,

feet on the Earth.

Though my feet feel less gravity-bound

on occasion, as if I could float gently

up into the places where my mind

dwells more and more.

Where the sun warms the bottom 

of my feet, and the stars

beckon me to them with

songs of adventure and

whispers of new worlds to

explore.  Where the dance 

of the seen and unseen,

and lure of known and unknown,

draw me into the mysterious

realm of things which seem

somehow familiar yet just out of reach.

I’ve walked the sky, feet on the Earth, 

and will, someday if I’m lucky,

sail through the spaces,

between the galaxies and stars

and planets, and that which

is but cannot be seen by us

right now. 

I walk the sky.

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